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15 February 2024

MAX® deploys on floating platform as Ecowende develops world's most ecological wind farm

Robin is set to deploy four flagship MAX® bird detection radars to support Ecowende in the development of the world’s most ecological wind farm. Wind farm operators have a tough line to tread. They must balance vital green energy production with the impact of turbines on surrounding wildlife. Especially birds. Ecowende is pressing for a sustainable future for offshore wind; one that positively contributes to the North Sea’s ecology. Their planned wind farm will be the largest in the Dutch North Sea, providing a huge 3% of the current Dutch electricity demand with clean energy. The Ecowende wind farm will be located about 53 kilometres off the Dutch coast, near IJmuiden. With an installed capacity of approximately 760 MW, Ecowende aims to have its wind farm fully operational and commissioned in 2026. Their guiding principles rely on harmony between vital green energy sites and the wildlife that surrounds them, putting expert monitoring and research programmes at centre stage. This is where our flagship 3D bird detection radar, MAX®, comes in.

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