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Scarecrow Bird Control & Data Logging Solutions

Scarecrow is a Robin company and a pioneer in sophisticated bird dispersal and data logging systems based on bio-acoustic technology. Manage and disperse birds humanely, where and when it matters most.

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Bio-acoustic bird control technology

Scarecrow Group is a leading innovator in bio-acoustic bird control technology, with a huge global client base including private, civil, and military airports. Scarecrow works closely with you to implement solutions that meet your unique dispersal and logging needs. 

Bio-acoustic bird dispersal systems are completely humane, exploiting natural bird behaviour to manage birds. These technologies use species-specific distress calls to tell birds that an area is dangerous, dispersing them in an ecologically responsible way that doesn't disturb humans. 

With four decades of experience in humane and effective bird control, we offer a suite of products to cover all dispersal and record-keeping needs. 

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40 years’ experience

Scarecrow Group are experts in bio-acoustic bird dispersal, with 40 years’ experience developing effective solutions, and over 1,000 airport systems successfully deployed.

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Humane and environmentally friendly

Scarecrow’s solutions are humane and environmentally friendly, built for both active dispersal and mandatory logging. They use natural bird behaviours to get results, with no harm to birds or the environment.

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Powerful reporting capabilities

Built around ICAO best-practice, Scarecrow’s modular data logging and reporting systems allow for easy modification and upgrade, integrating seamlessly with other methods.

Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab™

A full bird dispersal, record-keeping, and reporting solution designed around international aerospace best practices.

  • Comprehensive dispersal and logging in one solution 
  • Built around ICAO best practices and real-world client feedback
  • Modular solution – available for reporting only, with easy option to add dispersal later
  • Operated via supplied rugged Windows tablet
Scarecrow O.A.R software

Off Aerodrome Reporting (O.A.R) software provides complete bird activity logging around aerodromes, and powerful reporting functionality.

  • Easily bring your 13km surveys in-house
  • Get a holistic picture, ensuring safety on-site by understanding bird activity off-site
  • Combine with B.I.R.D. Tab™ for complete on- and off-site reporting
  • Operate easily via the supplied (and rugged) Windows tablet
Scarecrow Premier 2020

Advanced, vehicle-mounted bio-acoustic bird dispersal, designed for aerodromes of all sizes. 

  • A staple solution for airport bird control vehicles for 40 years
  • 14 standard calls, with customisable call lists
  • Humane and ecologically responsible solution based on natural bird behaviour
  • Modular system offers an easy upgrade path to B.I.R.D. Tab™ complete dispersal and logging solution


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