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Max avian radar

Experience high-quality data and real-time updates. Our MAX radar combines real-time tracking with extensive reporting tools to mitigate the risk of bird strikes and collisions. With MAX, you get 3D, 360° awareness, 365 days a year.

Close-up of MAX bird detection radar
Grid background featuring neon green dots
MAX bird detection radar mounted on top of a building at an airport

Considering avian radar?

MAX helps you here and now and far beyond. This avian radar provides real-time data as and when you need it, logging everything it tracks so you can plan ahead. Use Report Viewer to analyse trends and assist your wildlife hazard management policy.

Illustration of an aeroplane in the middle of a targeting reticle

360° coverage in 3D

We innovated full 360°, 3D systems to give you complete awareness of what’s happening all around you – day or night. MAX tracks thousands of birds simultaneously, displaying data in its intuitive interface.

Three circles joined by lines, ending in a dotted arrow that points upward

Elevate your data

Effective Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) call for a wealth of detailed, reliable data. MAX delivers accurate altitude information for each bird track, supporting risk collision analysis.

Illustration of a targeting reticle with a tick in the centre

Sky-high accuracy

MAX's market-leading rotation speed delivers fast track updates for precise tracking and classification. Multiple stacked beams provide advanced clutter filtering for the most accurate readings.

Illustration of a targeting reticle with a bird in the centre


Historical data is as important as real-time insight, so MAX has a long memory. Visualise environmental conditions, bird size, speed, altitude, and more with Report Viewer for risk collision models and effective mitigation.

Balance production with preservation

Wind turbines provide essential renewable energy, but there's a careful balance at play. Wind farms can threaten migrations, wildlife habitats, and sites of ecological importance. This is where our radar comes in.

Gather and analyse data

MAX organises and stores data in Report Viewer. Analyse historical or real-time intelligence, create reports, and develop predictive models to reduce risk.

  • Visualise daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly
  • Customise dashboards
  • Save key observations from Bird Viewer
MAX bird detection radar mounted on a building and deployed at an airport

Advanced detection

With the fastest rotation speed on the market, MAX delivers precise real-time updates. It’s built for 3D accuracy, with technologies that classify, track and predict.

  • 360° azimuth coverage
  • Scan speed of 1 second
  • 6-8 km tracking classification range (large birds)
  • Bird and bat size classification

MAX Specifications

  • Technology
  • Frequency
  • Power output
  • Rotation / Scan speed
    60rpm / 1s
  • Instrumented range
  • Azimuth Coverage
  • Elevation coverage
  • Dimensions
    1237 x 654 x 1660 mm
  • Weight

MAX deploys on floating platform at the ‘world’s most ecological wind farm’

Robin deploys four flagship MAX bird detection radars to support Ecowende’s development of the largest wind park in the Dutch North Sea.

Level up your MAX radar

Wind Turbine Shutdown on Demand (SDOD)

Our SDOD plug-in minimises downtime by working with your wind farm Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. Based on your parameters, MAX gives curtailment recommendations for individual or groups of turbines.

Pair with our Micro-shelter

For a flexible, no-fuss installation, opt for our micro-shelter at even the most challenging sites, like offshore. It accommodates an antenna, radar server rack, transformer, and weather station, protects MAX® from the elements, and secures it in storage and travel.