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Small, mighty 3D drone radar

Infinitely deployable and simple to integrate, IRIS delivers 360° coverage in 3D for the earliest possible alerts. A lightweight size of 29kg combines micro-doppler classification, deep neural network (DNN) technology, and on-the-move (OTM) capability in one small but mighty detection package. 

Close-up of IRIS drone detection radar
Grid background featuring neon green dots
Close up of a dark gray drone, hovering

Considering counter-uas radar?

Managing drone threats with speed and precision takes a system of sensors. We focus on detection, building each counter-UAS radar to sit at the heart of your network. With state-of-the-art hardware and software, our radars deliver early warnings and reliable intelligence. They’re lightweight, made to integrate, and adapt to your needs and setup.

Illustration of an aeroplane in the middle of a targeting reticle

360° coverage in 3D

Combining 360° views, 60° elevation, and a 5km instrumented range, IRIS gives you a huge 78km² coverage area. That’s a full grasp of what’s happening all around you, all year round. 

Illustration of a drone, seen from above

Classify with conviction

Micro-doppler classification and DNN technology mean IRIS can distinguish blades and rotating parts. IRIS isn’t phased by birds and detects fixed-wing and hovering drones.

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Built for  accuracy 

With optional remote updates, your radar benefits from every technological advancement. We know the success of your operations rests upon precision and accuracy, so we never stop innovating. 

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Detect at 100 km/h

IRIS detects, tracks and classifies at speeds of up to 100 km/h (60 mph) with our OTM add-on. This radar rises to any occasion, whether in a static position or on the move. Whatever the challenge, IRIS has the solution.

Watch IRIS in the making

In a world where technology is booming, defence and security teams face ever-more elusive, intelligent, and drastic threats. To innovate IRIS, we went back to the drawing board and asked ourselves: what does a future-proof drone radar look like? Small, deployable; a radar that doesn't compromise in any way.

Made for accuracy

IRIS combines durable hardware with smart software for reliable 3D detection. Micro-doppler and DNN technology distinguish blades, and IRIS pairs 360° coverage with accurate height information to cue other sensors and countermeasures seamlessly.

  • Micro-doppler classification 
  • 3D accurate height information 
  • Tested and certified against military environmental standards
A black Mercedes 4x4 driving through a large puddle on a dirt roadwith IRIS drone detection radar mounted on the roof

Small, lightweight, built to integrate

Deployment takes less than 15 minutes, giving your team quick, actionable insights. Easily mount our IRIS radar on buildings, tripods, and even vehicles. With our OTM module, IRIS performs at speeds of up to 100 km/h (60 mph).

  • Lightweight and deployable at 29kg (64lb)
  • OTM capable
  • An API made to integrate (incl. C2)

IRIS Specifications

  • Technology
  • Frequency
  • Power output
    2x 12w
  • Rotation / Scan speed
    30rpm / 1.0s
  • Instrumented range
  • Azimuth Coverage
  • Elevation coverage
  • Dimensions
    550mm diameter x 30mm height
  • Weight

Partnerships forged in radar

"Our collaboration with Robin is characterised by a shared dedication to ensuring airspace security through cutting-edge technology. Robin provides valuable feeds into our AI/ML driven C2 to further enable us to provide the most accurate CUAS solutions for a variety of security."

Dedrone Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Government Affairs, Mary-Lou Smulders

Level up your radar with our IRIS add-ons

A black Mercedes 4x4 driving along a tree-lined road with IRIS drone detection radar mounted on the roof
Detect on the move

Put your radar on the move with our OTM module. Mount on convoys or vehicles to detect, track and classify at speeds of up to 100 km/h (60 mph).

Close-up of three IRIS drone detection radars in different colours
Customise colour

Customise your IRIS radome to suit your operational needs. Our bespoke colour palette includes white, bronze green, sand beige, or brun terre de France.

Close-up of IRIS drone detection radar deployed in a green field
Pair with our tripod

Deploy effortlessly with our optional IRIS tripod. Set up securely at any site in minutes, with an adjustable height of 1.35m to 2.40m.