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360° wind farm bird radar

Our 3D avian radars simultaneously detect and log thousands of birds and bats. Detailed detection meets extensive reporting for your wind farm’s smooth development and operation. 

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A large flock of birds flying in formation over several wind turbines at twilight

Insight at your fingertips 

Historical data is as important as real-time insight, so MAX has a long memory. Visualise environmental conditions, bird size, speed, altitude, and more with Report Viewer for risk collision models and effective mitigation.

Illustration of a bird in the middle of a targeting reticle

360° coverage in 3D

We innovated full 360°, 3D systems to give you complete awareness of what’s happening all around you, all year round – day or night. MAX visualises data, such as bird size, speed, and flight path in its intuitive interface.

Illustration of a targeting reticle with a tick in the centre

Sky-high accuracy

MAX's market-leading rotation speed delivers fast track updates for precise tracking and classification. Multiple stacked beams also mean advanced clutter filtering for the most accurate readings.

Illustration of three small circles connected by straight lines and ending in an upward-pointing arrow

Elevate your data

Effective Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) call for a wealth of data. MAX delivers accurate altitude information for each bird track, supporting reliable risk collision analysis.

Illustration of a wind turbine

Economic turbine shutdown 

Keep operational downtime to a minimum while ensuring bird safety. If needed, MAX can detect the beginning of migrations and send a signal to trigger shutdown-on-demand (SDOD) for single or multiple turbines.  

Explore our market-leading bird radar

Our radars give you the power of high-quality data and instant real-time updates. See exactly what’s happening in your airspace to respond quickly and effectively to threats and hazards.

Close-up of MAX bird detection radar

360° coverage, 365 days a year

Leading rotation speed and expansive reporting capability level up wildlife management. 

  • 360° azimuth coverage
  • Scan speed of 1 second
  • 6-8 km tracking classification range (large birds) 
  • Bird size classification
  • Strategic data analysis with Report Viewer  

partnerships forged in radar

“The research we are doing can have far-reaching effects in fields of bird behaviour, conservation, ecological management and radar technology. We hope to encourage other scientists to delve into the charms of radar. Creating a wider radar network across Europe and beyond could lead to endless possibilities in answering some major ecological questions."

University of Amsterdam Researcher, Dr. Maja Bradarić

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