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Upcoming Events


Counter UAS Technology Europe

London, UK
December 5-6

With the growing proliferation of small drones and UAS technology, European armed forces and security agencies seeking to protect critical national infrastructure at home and also forward deployed personnel operating abroad.

To align with this mission, Robin Radar Systems is attending this year’s Counter UAS Technology Conference to discuss how our innovative radar technology is driving advancement and enabling defence from drone swarms and attacks.

Attending Robins: Bill Haraka, Bob Moll, Anja Hünerberg


Completed Events


Intersec 2023

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
January 17-19

Robin will be present at the international exhibition for security, emergency services, safety, policing and cybersecurity in Dubai from 17 - 19 January to discuss how our counter-drone radars combine perfectly with integrated tech for global security.

This 24th edition of Intersec will unite the industry and accelerate conversations to explore strategies and source technologies for the challenges faced by global security leaders and professionals.

Meet our team at Booth S3 - B17 during the event. 

Attending Robins: Bob Moll, Anja Hünerberg, Cathal Prendergast



Counter UAS USA

Washington DC, USA
December 5-6

Currently the US Armed Forces is scaling their efforts to have a comprehensive and centralised approach to tackling the ever evolving drone threat facing the nation. To align with this endeavour, Robin Radar Systems is sponsoring this year’s Counter UAS Conference to discuss how our innovative radar technology is driving advancement and enabling defence from counter drone swarms and attacks.

Our VP of Defence & Security, Bill Haraka, will also be speaking on Radar On-The-Move (OTM) and defending fixed and moving critical military assets from malicious rogue drones. The presentation takes place on day one, December 5th, at 14:45. 

Attending Robins: Bill Haraka, Astrid van den Boogaardt, Natālija Ivanova


World Birdstrike Association Conference

Bangkok, Thailand
November 29 - December 1 

The World Birdstrike Association Conference brings all aviation stakeholders together for voices to be heard, actions to be planned and to mutually address wildlife strike risk.

Robin Radar Systems and Scarecrow are proud to be platinum sponsors of this year's Bird Strike Conference in Bangkok, Thailand from 29th November - 1st December. We're looking forward to discussing how full 3D advanced avian radar and dispersal technologies are essential for bird strike avoidance at civil airports, and can help you achieve your Bird Hazard Management targets.

Attending Robins: Astrid van den Boogaardt, Sibylle Giraud, Chris Matthews.


NEDS: NIDV Exhibition Defence & Security

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
November 17

Innovative and sustainable cooperation and the future of Defense and Security are also the focus of the 33rd edition of the NIDV Exhibition Defence and Security (NEDS). During the morning program, various speakers will address the opportunities and solutions that industry, knowledge institutions and government can find together. In the afternoon there will be ample opportunity for networking on the exhibition floor, including a Defence Square and an Innovation Square.

Find us at Stand E3.0

Attending Robins: Astrid van den Boogaardt, Bill Haraka, Bob Moll & Rick de Ronde.



London, England
September 27-28

With the UK terror threat level sitting at ‘severe’, ever-increasing global threats and the introduction of new government legislation to transform how the UK protects its people at publicly accessible locations, there has never been a more important time for the security industry.

Robin Radar Systems will be attending the International Security Expo 2022 in the Drone & Counter UAV zone at Stand G50. 

Our experts will be on hand to discuss the counter-UAV capabilities of radar and our world leading solutions and technologies purpose built to tackle the drone security threat.

Attending Robins: Astrid van den Boogaardt, Bob Moll, Anja Hünerberg


EW Live

Tartu, Estonia
September 20-22

Faced with a new security landscape, defence budgets are now rising across NATO in particular. The CUAS (counter unmanned aircraft systems) element of EWL has been significantly expanded and upgraded this year, to reflect the urgency of the global mission. 

Robin Radar Systems will be on-site at EWL during the week to discuss counter-UAS solutions to the new drone threats facing our world. Find us at Booth 22 during the event. 

We will also carry out a live demonstration of the 4D on-the-move capability of IRIS ®, our purpose-built Drone Detection Radar. With full 360° coverage, IRIS ® can detect and track rogue drones carrying improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and unauthorised drones surveilling mobile forces; providing essential support for on-the-move military convoy operations and VIP events.

Attending Robins: Bill Haraka, Natālija Ivanova, Asraf Brand


Counter UAS USA

Virginia, USA
August 17-18

The rapid proliferation of UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) has been one of the most unsettling tactical advancements on the battlefield in recent years. Not least because of asymmetric engagement whereby traditional air superiority is being challenged by non-state actors and adversaries.

To combat this threat while simultaneously staying ahead of the curve, cooperation and innovation will be vital. As a thought leader and innovator in the field of Counter-UAS, Robin Radar Systems will be on site to answer key questions and discuss how radar solutions bolster the security of the US and its allies.

As well as sponsoring the event, Robin’s VP Defence & Security, Bill Haraka, will be speaking on ‘’Radar On-The-Move’’ (OTM) and the protection of military & VIP convoys against small rogue drones while on the move. The presentation takes place on day one, August 17th at 12:00 PM.

Attending Robins: Bill Haraka


Surface Warships & OPVs 

London, England
July 25-28

This year’s Surface Warships & OPVs conference will welcome senior Naval and Industry leaders, including higher naval commands of the NATO alliance and partner states.

Any military vessel, no matter how small or how large, can find itself in the eye of crisis or conflict, at any time, in any place and at any scale. All platform types, whether ageing or brand new, will sooner or later find themselves in totally unexpected circumstances. We need to work together to face these challenges, exchanging ideas and innovations.

Radar solutions are an integral part of the development of defence systems of warships and OPVs and Robin will be a featured exhibitor at the conference, available to discuss protecting your vessels from drones.

Attending Robins: Bob Moll, Anja Hünerberg


Bird Strike Committee USA Meeting

Salt Lake City, USA
July 19-21

The theme for this year's Bird Strike Committee USA Annual Meeting is “Airport Wildlife Management During Unprecedented Times; the Challenge to Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome”. This theme provides a focus on not only the commonality of wildlife hazard mitigation but the importance that relationships/partnerships have on the success of attaining a level of safety acceptable to all within the aviation/wildlife arena.

Robin will be there to discuss how bird radars are used for bird strike avoidance at civil and military airports globally.

Find us during the event at Booth 17.

Attending Robins: Sibylle Giraud, Marcel Verdonk


Full Spectrum Air Defence

London, England
June 28-29

The future of air defence will be characterised by a full spectrum of threats. With unmanned aerial systems utilising a variety of enhanced capabilities including stealth, manoeuvring re-entry vehicles, decoys, and jamming devices, the need to rapidly evolve air defence structures has become a necessity for all defence forces.

The Full Spectrum Air Defence conference will invigorate the conversation, addressing the full scale, range and structures of air defence.

Robin Radar Systems will have a prominent presence this year, sponsoring the event as a three star partner, while our VP of Defence & Security, Bill Haraka, will also be speaking on ‘’Radar On The Move’’ (OTM) and the protection of fixed and moving military assets against small rogue drones. The presentation takes place on day one, Tuesday 28th at 12:00 PM.

Attending Robins: Bill Haraka


ILA 2022

Berlin, Germany
June 22-24

With its high-quality conference program and spectacular air shows, the ILA Berlin is always a must-attend for professionals of the aerospace and defence industries and aviation fans alike.

Robin Radar Systems will be there to discuss the numerous challenges and opportunities posed by birds and drones in aviation, as well as countering drones in security and defence.

Find us during the week at Stand 408, Hall 1.

Attending Robins: Sibylle Giraud, Marcel Verdonk, Florent Michel, Astrid van den Boogaardt, John Bremner



Paris, France
June 13-17

Eurosatory is the international exhibition for Defence and Security, taking place every two years. We’ll be present all week but don’t have a booth this year. Our IRIS® Drone Detection Radar will be shown at the WELP/ESG booth.

Interested in discussing how counter-drone radar can meet your requirements? Find us either at the WELP/ESG booth on Tuesday and Wednesday, or get in touch to make an appointment on another day.

Attending Robins: Anja Hünerberg, Bob Moll, Natalija Ivanova, John Bremner


Ground Based Air & Missile Defence Symposium

Vredepeel Airbase, The Netherlands
June 9

The military world around us is constantly changing. Many technical developments provide new possibilities. This also provides new opportunities for the Air & Missile Defence domain. In order to keep up with new developments, the Artillery Business Club Foundation is organising this symposium.

Attending Robins: Bob Moll, Astrid van den Boogaardt, Ralph Wiersema


eRIC Expo (Disaster, Incident & Crisis Management)

Twente Airport, The Netherlands
May 18-19

The multidisciplinary trade event for safety professionals is back! On May 18th & 19th 2022, the expo eRIC (Disaster management, Incident Management & Crisis Management) will open its doors for the 3rd time at the Airport of Twente. For two days, this will be the connecting platform for supply and demand in the security industry. All stakeholders from the Government, the Industry and the Knowledge Institutions will come together in Enschede. This edition is again full of innovations, current themes and interactive demonstrations. 

We're at stand E211 at the 'Meldkamerplein' and we'll be providing a live demo as well.

Attending Robins: Bob Moll & Ralph Wiersema


World Border Security Congress

Lisbon, Portugal
May 17-19

The World Border Security Congress is a high level 3 day event that deals with current and future policies, implementation issues and challenges as well as new and developing technologies that contribute towards safe and secure border and migration management.

The premier multi-jurisdictional transnational platform where the border protection, management and security industry policy-makers and practitioners convene annually to discuss the international challenges faced in protecting borders.

We'll be there with a booth in the exhibition area.

Attending Robins: Bill Haraka & Astrid van den Boogaardt



Kortrijk, Belgium
May 10-12

INFOPOL is the showpiece of equipment for police, surveillance and security services for all of the purchase managers and decision makers of Benelux's entire security chain.

Every 2 years, the most specialized companies - ranging from transportation, personal outfitting and armament to communication equipment, robbery prevention and traffic surveillance – present their most recent products and services at INFOPOL.

Interested in discussing how counter-drone radar can meet your requirements? Find us at Booth 168.

Attending Robins: Bob Moll & Astrid van den Boogaardt


Defence Aviation Safety Conference

London, United Kingdom
April 20-21

As the only online event specifically focused on defence safety for the military aviation community, Defence Aviation Safety offers a unique opportunity for leaders and experts to meet and share best practice that will save lives and protect capability.

Keeping aircraft airworthy and creating a safety culture across military aviation has never been more important as many defence forces continue to extend the lifecycle of their platforms and systems. Likewise, the growing need for more effective certification processes when onboarding new platforms into service, and maintaining these to the required flying standard, is key to all nations that want to remain prepared for high tempo operations.

The Defence Aviation Safety 2022 will bring together leaders from around the world to focus on strategies to enhance the protection of lives and capability for aviators and ground crew operating in todays battle environment.

Robin Radar Systems is the gold sponsor.

Attending Robins: Siete Hamminga, Rick de Ronde, Astrid van den Boogaardt


CWW: Wind Energy & Wildlife Impacts Conference

Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands
April 4-8

The Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts (CWW) is an internationally recognised event to share and engage in the latest science, focused on better understanding the risk of wind energy to wildlife and developing solutions to avoid, minimise, and offset the ecological impacts of wind farms, both onshore and offshore. The event also encourages researchers,  conservation scientists, federal and state officials, NGO representatives and wind industry professionals that have experience of finding innovative and efficient solutions to these environmental concerns to work together and share knowledge. It also looks into the opportunities to enhance nature when developing wind farms. This all promotes a collaborative approach to resolving the key issues faced at wind farms.

The conference takes place every two years and attracts a global audience. The 6th Conference on Wind energy and Wildlife impacts 2022 (CWW 2022) is taking place in Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands, 4-8th of April 2022.

Robin Radar Systems is a platinum sponsor.

Attending Robins: Sibylle Giraud, Marcel Verdonk, Siete Hamminga, John Bremner, Astrid van den Boogaardt


DSA: Defence Services Asia Exhibition & Conference

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
March 28-31

Hosted, supported and co-organised by the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Home Affairs, Defence Service Asia Exhibition and Conference (DSA) is the biggest Defence and Homeland Security show in Asia showcasing world’s most advance technologies, systems, hardware and electronic warfare that the market has to offer.

Find us at the official Netherlands pavilion; stand 6068E

Attending Robins: Marcel Verdonk, Natalia Ivanova


FDH&S: FOD Drone Habitat & Safety Sessions

Online Conference
March 9, 16 & 23

When it comes to identifying threats and hazards, FOD, drones, and wildlife all feature highly on the checklist. For every civil and military aerodrome, aircraft operator, and regulator, safety and security are of paramount concern.
As the risks and hazards emerge and evolve, the industry has to adapt & advance its responses and pre-empt future hazards. The experiences of other airports help us learn how to apply best practices in terms of procedures, technology, and efficiency in order to continually evaluate and contain the threats and hazards of the future.

The FDH&S series uses the most compelling case studies to explore the potential impact of these risks and how to stretch budgets by increasing efficiency.

Each Wednesday is split into two, bite-sized, virtual 60-minute sessions covering all aspects of airfield operations and best practices within FOD, drones, habitat and safety.

Attending Robins: Sanne Patijn, Rick de Ronde, John Bremner, Astrid van den Boogaardt


WBA: World Birdstrike Association

Online Conference
March 7-8


  1. How to Establish Safety performance Indicators and set goals? and how quantify/manage this information
  2.  Commodify Wildlife strikes and risks from Airline and Insurance perspective
  3. Upstream and downstream Management of WHM
  4. Social responsibility in WHM. Thinking Green, how is the use of chemical pesticides affecting wildlife?. Aerodromes are using pesticides to control insects, and vermin to control wildlife foodchain. Mitigations, Repellents with green friendly innovative solutions perspective. 
  5. Global species risk analysis

Attending Robins: Sanne Patijn, Rick de Ronde, John Bremner


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