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Formidable counter-UAS radar

Speed, accuracy, and resilience are critical to successful operations. Our counter-UAS radars provide 3D, 360° coverage (even on the move) and superior classification for powerful drone defence systems. 

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Military helicopter flying over a line of trees in a cloudy sky, monitored by an IRIS drone detection radar

Considering counter-uas radar?

Managing drone threats with speed and precision takes a system of sensors. We focus on detection, building each counter-UAS radar to sit at the heart of your network. Cutting-edge hardware and software delivers early warnings and reliable intelligence. They’re lightweight, made to integrate, and adapt to your needs and setup.

Illustration of an aeroplane in the middle of a targeting reticle

360° coverage in 3D

Most radars either monitor in one direction or provide 360° coverage in 2D. Not ours. IRIS delivers 360°, 3D coverage to give you full situational awareness all year round – day or night.

Illustration of a drone, seen from above

Classify with conviction

Micro-doppler classification and deep neural network (DNN) technology instantly distinguish blades and rotating parts. Our counter-UAS radars aren’t phased by birds, fixed-wing, or hovering drones.

Illustration of a truck

Detect on the move (OTM)

IRIS detects, tracks and classifies at speeds of up to 100 km/h (60 mph) with our OTM add-on. The drone threat covers ground in any direction, but you can trust in technologies that rise to any occasion.

Deploy in under 15 minutes

Built to integrate with an intuitive and interoperable interface, our drone radars adapt to your needs and systems, not the other way around.

Close-up of IRIS drone detection radar

Small but mighty 3D radar

3D drone radar, IRIS combines leading accuracy, versatility, and coverage in a deployable 29kg package.

  • 360° azimuth coverage
  • Lightweight and deployable at 29kg
  • Micro-doppler classification
  • On-the-move capable
  • Tested and certified against military environmental standards
Close-up of ELVIRA drone detection radar

Game-changing 2D detection

ELVIRA combines smart software with affordable hardware for exceptional awareness.

  • 360° azimuth coverage
  • Micro-doppler classification
  • Affordable price point
  • Tested and certified against military environmental standards

Partnerships forged in radar

“Our collaboration with Robin is characterised by a shared dedication to ensuring airspace security through cutting-edge technology. Robin provides valuable feeds into our AI/ML driven C2 to further enable us to provide the most accurate CUAS solutions for a variety of security."

Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Government Affairs, Dedrone, Mary-Lou Smulders

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