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ELVIRA 2D radar

ELVIRA combines unique 360° coverage with automatic drone classification for early alerts in all directions and fast, informed action. Meet the evolving challenges of drone detection with ELVIRA.

Close-up of ELVIRA drone detection radar
Grid background featuring neon green dots
Soldier in green camo standing in a field, using a pair of binoculars to track a drone spotted by the ELVIRA radar (mounted on a white platform) behind him

Considering counter-uas radar?

Managing drone threats with speed and precision takes a system of sensors. We focus on detection, building each counter-UAS radar to sit at the heart of your network. With state-of-the-art hardware and software, our radars deliver early warnings and reliable intelligence. They're made to integrate, adapting to your unique needs and setup, not the other way around. 

Illustration of an aeroplane in the middle of a targeting reticle

360° coverage in 2D

Most radars monitor airspace in one direction. But this 2D drone radar gives you the power to track in 360° all year round – day or night.

Illustration of a drone, seen from above

Classify with conviction

Micro-doppler classification distinguishes blades and rotating parts. Deep neural network (DNN) also means ELVIRA isn’t phased by birds, fixed-wing, or hovering drones.

Illustration of a traditional analogue clock

Affordable detection

This mission-proven drone radar offers quality and precision, without breaking the bank. ELVIRA makes innovation accessible, keeping skies safe without straining budgets.

Innovation that integrates

Our ELVIRA drone radar makes for simple deployment and integration. Your first line of detection, ELVIRA cues a multitude of sensors to verify threats. With an intuitive API, you can customise your view, integrate tracks, and set up alarm zones with ease.

  • Made to integrate (incl. C2)
  • Affordable price point
ELVIRA drone detection radar mounted on a white cylinder beside a runway, with a gray fighter jet parked in the background

Precision and accuracy

ELVIRA combines durable hardware with smart software for reliable detection and classification. Micro-doppler and DNN technology distinguish drones instantly, so you stay ahead of threats as they develop. 

  • Micro-doppler classification
  • DNN technology


  • Technology
    FMCW Solid State Radar
  • Frequency
  • Power output
  • Rotation / Scan speed
    1.3s Update Rate
  • Instrumented range
  • Azimuth Coverage
  • Dimensions
    918mm diameter x 1060mm height
  • Weight

ELVIRA combines acoustic detection and drone jamming for renowned European integrator

Discover a full system that combines radar, acoustic sensors, and cameras for comprehensive detection, tracking, and identification.

Guardion Drone Defence System

Discover how our drone detection radar, ELVIRA, was integrated into a wider defence against commercial drones. The system, comprised of a consortium of sensors and technologies, was deployed in Germany to protect a G7 summit.