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Radar Tracking of Small Objects

Get the actionable data you need to prevent serious incidents. Detect, classify, and track birds and drones with advanced radar technology and smart software.

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Protect Your Aircraft

Prevent incidents with real-time, 24/7 monitoring of drones and birds. Track size, speed, and direction inside and outside the aerodrome with networked radars. Enquire now for trial options and flexible pricing.

Keep Birds Safe from Wind Farms

Our radars give you precise, scientific data on bird activity for both pre- and post-construction. They also protect birds by turning off turbines during mass migration events.

Defend Critical Infrastructure Against Drones

Most radars can’t tell birds and drones apart. Ours can, automatically. They provide unlimited 360-degree coverage, giving you military-grade drone detection at a fraction of the price.

“The radar system really sees everything there is to see. And that's so much more than we ever thought.”

Ton Mens, Wildlife Hazard Manager

Schiphol Airport

Discover how Schiphol Airport mitigates bird strikes with our 3D avian radars

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Don’t Leave Your Organisation Vulnerable

Find out how our radars can make your operations safer with actionable data. Get in touch today.