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two bats hanging upside down on a branch

05 December 2023

Do You Need Different Radar Solutions to Detect Bats and Birds at Wind Farms?

Wind turbines are crucial to a sustainable future, generating renewable energy with each gust. But wind isn't the only thing that will cross their path. Airbourne animals, like birds and bats, regularly come into contact with wind farms, and site operators have long been concerned about the impact on bird and bat populations. But did you know that bird detection radar can help reduce wind farm bird and bat mortality?

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a vip convoy going from airplane with cars

12 October 2023

VIP Drone Radar Security: Your First Line of Defence Against Drones

The growing popularity and accessibility of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), like drones, has altered the world of security. Air space used to be a marginal security concern, but drone proliferation has changed how security professionals assess risk. In particular, private events are vulnerable to drone risks. If the individuals who attend have a certain status – like political leaders, public figures, or celebrities – they're more likely to be a target. And even if the intentions of a drone user aren't malicious, capturing footage using drones is still a violation of privacy.

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