16 April 2021

Robin Makes Largest C-UAS Deal to Date

15 February 2021

Lossiemouth Becomes First RAF Base To Trial Bird Radar

03 December 2020

Three Feet from Disaster: Airliner Almost Collides with Drone on Take Off from Manchester Airport

28 September 2020

Robin Demonstrating Drone Detection Radar Systems at NATO C-UAS Trial

06 May 2020

Lost in (Air) Space - Runaway Drone Shuts Down Latvian Airspace - Three Days of Disruption

14 January 2020

Heathrow Deploys Robin Radar Systems' Counter-Drone Technology to Protect the UK's Busiest Airport

28 November 2019

Royal Netherlands Air Force Gets New Bird Radars to Help Prevent Bird Strikes

11 October 2019

Robin Radar Systems is the 30th Fastest Growing Technology Company in the Netherlands

24 September 2019

Let's Talk - Trail-Blazers, Change-Makers, Front-Runners & Pioneers: They're All Speaking at Robin Radar Systems

12 September 2019

Robin Radar Again One of the Fastest Growing Tech Companies in the Netherlands

17 July 2019

Meet Robin at the North American Bird Strike Conference in Halifax, Canada: 12-15 August

10 July 2019

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Wind Farms: Meet Robin at CWW Stirling on 27-30 August