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The harsh, offshore environment presents new and unique challenges to radar maintenance, upkeep, and performance. Radars are used at offshore wind farms to monitor and assess the farm’s environmental impact, particularly on birds and their habitats, accurately and safely. Their ability to be present and running on-site 24/7 makes them critically important to remotely controlling the turbines and reducing bird mortality.

However, the radar is often exposed to the elements. Often being deployed on the coastline, or sometimes even the turbines themselves, these radars need to be able to weather the fierce, wet, and salty surroundings. That’s where a radar micro-shelter comes into play.

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What is a Micro-Shelter?

A micro-shelter is a multifunctional structure, designed to offer maximum safety and stability for your wind farm radar, while retaining ease of use, even in the face of turbulent offshore environments. Featuring a compact and robust enclosure, the micro-shelter functions as a stable platform for an operational radar system that can dispel the usual challenges that come with operating offshore.

5 Reasons to Use a Radar Micro-Shelter

There are a number of benefits to using a radar micro-shelter on an offshore wind farm, ensuring your radar can operate at its maximum capability.

Transportation made simple

From shipment to installation, a micro-shelter protects your radar at all times. The micro-shelter is built to ensure a smooth transportation process for your equipment, and the compact and robust design defends it against being bumped or bouncing around in transit.

Improve stability in hazardous environments

The shelter provides a high level of stability and resistance, even in the most tumultuous of conditions. This gives your radar the best foundation to perform. The shelter provides the wind farm radar with a stable platform while operational and includes a foldable cover for outdoor service. Designed to withstand 77m/s winds offshore, the micro-shelter provides the stability your radar needs.

Smooth installation process

Installing a radar in the middle of an offshore wind farm doesn’t sound like a simple proposition, but a micro-shelter is built to facilitate this. Installation is easy thanks to a winch mechanism that lifts the radar into its elevated and upright position, before fixing it in place. There’s no stress involved – it’s ready to go almost immediately. A foldable ladder and platform mean that any initial maintenance can be made quickly, easily, and safely.

Protect your servers

Your radar is always at risk when exposed to an offshore environment. The micro-shelter protects your equipment from a number of hazards and risks. The shelter is water-resistant and fully insulated, featuring a thermal insulated compartment for a server to run optimally. The structure itself is self-contained and prevents entry of rodents and vermin that might damage the internal components. Power and ethernet cables are behind a locked door as well.

Built-in storage facility

The self-contained structure makes it ideal for storing loose items that could be easily lost, for example server racks or transformers. The micro-shelter is designed to keep all components in one localized place, including the radar, antenna, and weather station.

The Robin Radar Solution

Our MAX Micro Shelter has been designed to support your radar system in the harshest of conditions. Bird radars help assess and mitigate the environmental impact of wind farms on birds and their habitats. Keeping them operating at optimum performance is crucial.

Reducing Bird Mortality at Wind Farms