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Mobile Viewer designed for day-to-day operations. It empowers users out in the field to access real-time information easily, on tablets that can be installed and used in vehicles.

Making flight paths visible, in a similar way to Bird Viewer, but Mobile Viewer also uses the tablet’s GPS to pinpoint your current location in relation to the activity happening around you. It's the ultimate tool for any Bird Controller in the field. 

Mobile Viewer works wirelessly, as long as a 3G 4G or 5G connection is available. We provide Mobile Viewer software licenses for a total of five tablets (iOS or Android).


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Track flight paths accurately

Tracking bird movements in real-time has never been easier. You can select and zoom in on individual coloured tracks, which represent actual bird flight paths. The colours distinguish between small, medium and large birds and flocks. A circle at the end of a track, varying in size depending on the size of the bird, indicates each birds’ present location. Each track in the viewer also offers altitude information: how high the bird or flock is flying.

Get automatic warnings
Get automatic warnings

Put safety in your control by customising the parameters of alarm zones in critical places. Your teams will be immediately notified of activity in areas of risk, giving precious time to react and manage the threat. Get real-time warnings if, for example, a flock of birds are about to enter a dangerous area. Runway funnel and graph colours will change, indicating when the number of birds is higher than your defined threshold. These zones can be configured with our experts, and are easy to modify based on the new insight you'll certainly gather.

Display critical insights

It’s important to be where the action is – but we know what you’re thinking - how can I possibly deal with all of that information? There’s a lot of birds in the air, and surely too many tracks can become confusing! You’re right. That’s why Mobile Viewer offers activity grids, showing where recent hot spots of bird activity are, for example, during the past 30 minutes. Get important insights into the severity of bird movements to determine where to focus on.

Customisable classifications
Customisable classifications

See only what you want to see. All classifications are customisable to give you the information you need, from bird sizes to number of birds in flocks. Using Mobile Viewer you can also quickly hide some classifications to make sure you can focus on the right tracks.

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