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MAX Avian Detection Radar

Our flagship bird detection radar. It's taken more than four years, millions of Euros, and thousands of coffees. The result is mind-blowing. We quite simply had no other choice, but to call it MAX®.​​​​​​​

MAX® has the fastest rotation speed in the market, resulting in track updates every second. This allows uniquely detailed 3D visualisation of bird flight paths, including exports to Google Earth.

MAX® is a single sensor system, providing full 3D information of all birds in the nearby environment. Height information is provided for all bird tracks, and there's practically no cone of silence above the radar. Our newest bird detection radar offers true full 3D coverage, meaning you get height data for ALL bird tracks, all around the radar, all of the time.

MAX® has been built to monitor birds from the start. That's its entire purpose. The antennas are designed explicitly with avian targets in mind. It finally brings phased array radar technology into the hands of bird control units and ornithologists. Bird movements are displayed in real-time on a computer or mobile device (both iOS and Android).


MAX® has minimal infrastructure requirements. The computer servers can be placed in already existing server rooms, meaning no shelter or housing is required at the radar location itself. All MAX® needs is standard power and ethernet. 

But developing new hardware isn't the only thing we've done. Because our customers often need to convert bird data into reports and KPIs, we've produced an entirely new tool, just for you. Now you can make easy to understand and appealing graphics, in a user-friendly software environment. Just select the variables and time period you want, and the tool will immediately generate impressive graphical representations.

MAX® Specifications

Technology FMCW
Frequency X-Band
Power Output 44W
Rotation / Scan Speed 60rpm / 1s
Instrumented Range 15km
Azimuth Coverage 360-degrees
Elevation Coverage 60-degrees
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1237 x 654 x 1660 mm
Weight 325kg




MAX® is subject to EU export control.