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The Drone Classification Module (DCM) is an optional upgrade for our flagship avian radar, MAX®, that can provide additional drone radar functionality, at a fraction of the price of a new radar.

Any detected drones will be visualised in our Bird Viewer software as clearly identifiable drone tracks, separate to the bird track categories of small, medium, large, and flock.

You can also set up alarms that trigger when a drone is classified by MAX®, which can be easily toggled on and off as needed.


Drone Classification Module (DCM)
Secure your airspace and bolster your safety management system

At Robin Radar, our global mission is to help you reduce the risk of major safety incidents involving birds and drones. We do that by providing actionable information to increase safety within your airport, or airbase’s specific geographical, ecological and safety management context. The Drone Classification Module adds an entirely new dimension to your airspace security, helping to uphold high levels of safety and efficiency, and prevent expensive claims.

Drone classification from advancements in deep learning

This new upgrade is made possible by our extensive drone radar knowledge and experience, and based on recent developments in deep learning, a sub-segment of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Using deep learning, Robin has now been able to bring drone classification functionality to MAX®, originally designed solely as a bird radar.

Bird Viewer DMC
Differentiation from bird tracks within the detection range

The Drone Classification Module uses these deep learning algorithms to identify and classify the radar signals returned by drones. Once the drone comes within range of the classification capabilities of the DCM, the track will be identified as a drone and the classification and colour of the track on Bird Viewer will change.

Individual classification of commercial drones

The outer range at which the Drone Classification Module can detect drones depends on the type, size, and materials of individual drones. In general, the larger the drone, the further the classification range, with the detection range of a drone typically much larger than the classification range. The DCM can provide secondary drone radar functionality to complement MAX® users’ robust bird detection capability, but if you require superior drone detection and classification range, we recommend our dedicated drone radar, IRIS®.

DCM Range Specifications

Drone Class. Range Detect. Range
DJI Mavic Mini 250m 6km
DJI Mavic 2 750m 6km
DJI Phantom 4 750m 7km
DJI Inspire 2 1550m 9km


Interested in upgrading your MAX® with our Drone Classification Module (DCM)?

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