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Bird Strikes


Detect, monitor, and track bird activity – all with unrivalled accuracy.

Birds present a significant hazard to your environment. Whether you’re managing an airport, wind farm, military base, or any airspace that can be impacted by birds – it’s vital to keep track of bird behaviour.

Robin Radar Systems has years of experience tracking birds, in fact, it’s where we started our business. So, you can trust we’ve invested time and expertise into our solutions.

Our industry-leading bird detection radar solutions provide greater accuracy and coverage, all while keeping your airspace safe and protecting bird populations.

We developed MAX®, the best avian radar in the world, which provides a unique level of 3D detail and insight into bird behaviour. And with the fastest rotation speed on the market, it lets you track bird activity with unparalleled accuracy.



X-Band 9650MHz
Real-time position and track in full 3D – in all directions all of the time
20W average power output
1.0s track update rate
15km instrumented range


A single sensor system, full 3D information

Get a bird detection radar that can do it all

Don’t settle for inferior avian radar detection technology.

Our flagship bird detection radar, MAX®, provides unparalleled capabilities to suit the needs of any facility. That’s why it’s the best in the world. It’s a single-sensor system that provides true 3D coverage of birds in your airspace.

You also get height data for ALL bird tracks, all around the radar, all of the time. There’s 360-degree coverage with a detection range of up to 10km and at least 1km (~3,280ft) altitude for 2-SAT targets.

You can also combine MAX® with our Bird Viewer: the intuitive software that lets you measure bird size and track multiple targets simultaneously for full situational awareness, 24/7.

See exactly where birds are, all of the time

Get 360 ̊ situational awareness with our intuitive software

Complement our radar systems with intuitive, user-friendly software. See exactly what’s happening with our software that can run from a browser or mobile device.

Bird Viewer and Mobile Viewer allow you to distinguish bird size, real-time bird location, bird altitude, and you can track vehicle or aircraft locations, too.

Better yet, you can also choose different overlays and customise maps with site landmarks.

It’s easy to change the orientation, tilt, and zoom to get a complete view of your map. You can log and replay bird activity, all recorded to a secure database. It’s the ideal system to go with our leading bird detection radar.