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Our Report Viewer software is used for analysing and comparing bird activity over time. This web-based application is designed to quickly & easily create graphs and maps based on various data from one or more defined periods of time.

It visualises data on the number of birds as well as bird characteristics (altitude, speed and flight direction), in different time periods (minimum is an hour) and in different areas.

Simply select the variables and time period you want, and our software will immediately generate your data in a handy graphical representation.


Analyse & compare bird activity over select time periods

Our Report Viewer software gives you visual data about the number of birds and bird characteristics (altitude, speed and flight direction), in different time periods and in different areas around your airport, airfield or wind farm. Create beautiful and useful graphs of intuitive and user-friendly data in just a few clicks.

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Record near-miss events including location and time

With the provided KPIs related to real-time, 24/7 monitoring of bird activity and presence in and around key areas like runway crossings, take-off and landing zones or prominent wind turbines, you can reduce the risk of bird-hazard-related safety incidents. Long-term monitoring KPIs, like near-misses, bird activity hotspots, and bird activity responses to long-term habitat management measures give you complete situational awareness of bird activity in your airspace.

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Create your own secure dashboards and generate KPI reports

All your historical bird information is stored as aggregated data on a server, and can be accessed from anywhere. Seamlessly switch between blazing-fast extracts and live connections to your data with just a single click. Or get the best of both worlds by scheduling automatic extract refreshes as often as you need. Create and share data insight across your organisation in minutes. And have the peace of mind that your data is governed and secure.

Habitat Management Policy decisions based on hard data

Real-time monitoring of high-risk birds, such as geese, is helpful to reduce bird mortality and prevent serious incidents. But, long-term data gathering and analysis is also incredibly useful in making compliant habitat management policy decisions based on daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly factual evidence. Provide the actionable information you need to justify which measures should be implemented, and prove their effectiveness afterwards.

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