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Counter UAS and drone security systems for the protection of people, events, buildings, and more

Drone technology is advancing rapidly, with drones now more affordable, easier to obtain, and simpler to fly. Commercial drones are used for recreational purposes, increasing the number of UAS in our skies.

However, drones can be accidentally or deliberately misused so it's never been more important for security teams to detect, classify, and monitor them. We’re also starting to see them more at events, with operators using them to capture aerial footage, manage security, or use them for entertainment.

For security teams, it's more crucial than ever to understand what drone threats can be harmful.

Protecting critical infrastructure, events, and people is vital, especially in urban environments where line of site limitations and clutter are constant challenges. Which is why you need a comprehensive drone detection, classification, and monitoring solution.

At Robin Radar, we’re market leaders in counter UAS solutions. Our industry-leading technology provides 360-degree coverage, fast tracking, and automatic classification of airborne targets.

With an update rate of one second, our flagship IRIS® solution lets you track drones in real-time and full 3D, so you can quickly identify threats to public safety. Create a secure environment with our industry-leading security solutions.



Real-time position and track in 2D
4W average power output
1.3s track update rate
5km instrumented range




Real-time position and track in 3D
2x 12W power output
1.0s track update rate
5km instrumented range


The most comprehensive counter-drone radar security solution

Easy to deploy, suitable for a wide range of security needs

On-site security is complex. If you’re a private-sector security company or system integrator, you often work across various events in a variety of venues. We know that the security needs of a sports stadium will differ substantially from an event in a government building, port, or other critical infrastructure.

We understand the importance of getting the right counter-drone solution for the job, depending on the level of risk and governance required. That’s why our solutions are portable, easy to deploy, re-deploy, and have on-the-move capabilities that are adaptable to your specific needs – letting you quickly create stronger counter-UAS security perimeters for each operation.

Our team has years of mission-proven experience and expertise in multi-sensor integrated CUAS systems, on a global scale. We’re proud to offer a solution that’s mission-proven to integrate easily with other sensors, like cameras and other UAS countermeasures. And it’s deployable within minutes, providing almost instant security for a wide variety of settings.

Uncompromising security solutions

Leading the way with the latest in counter UAS drone technology

Our solutions offer micro-doppler classification capabilities, enabling necessary confirmation that a target has rotor blades. It also allows you to detect drones, and to automatically distinguish drones from other moving objects, like birds. This helps your security teams avoid false alarms – a costly and time-consuming problem at busy events.

Additionally, our technology uses cutting-edge, deep neural network (DNN) capabilities to quickly identify and classify radar signals returned by drones. With Robin Radar, you’ll be assured you’re using the latest innovations in counter UAS technology.

We offer a complete 3D radar security system including, back-to-back radar antennas, processing, and user interface.

And with added OTM capability, you can mount our technology on a moving vehicle or platform, and detect and classify drones with speeds of up to 100 km/h.

“IRIS® can detect and classify drones swiftly and smoothly. It’s very easy to use. Moving targets, static targets, even multiple targets; they’re all detected and classified.”


“More than two years of experience with the ELVIRA® drone detection radar gives us the ability to locate drones quickly and easily. We are convinced that radar units are a necessary part of all critical infrastructure, and the demand will only continue to grow.”


“A 3D radar is really important in counter-UAS. It shows us exactly where the drone is, telling our other systems and sensors where to focus, too. That really speeds up the decision-making process, and time is key.”


Counter UAS drone radar security systems for unparalleled protection

Secure your events with industry-leading drone detection and classification

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