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Welcome, Marcel!

With ambitious growth plans laid out before us, we're delighted to share some exciting news. Joining to help put those plans in motion is Robin's new Chief Commercial Officer, Marcel Verdonk!

Marcel joins us from Motorola Solutions, a global leader in secure communications, software and video solutions for Government, Transportation and other vertical markets. 

As CCO, Marcel will be part of the Management Team leading Sales and Marketing functions. Over his 20+ year career with Motorola Solutions, Marcel held leadership roles in sales, pre-sales, corporate strategy, product and marketing.

He's sure to bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the company and is already settling right into our diverse and talented team.

Robin's unique technology, brand and vision are what first caught Marcel's attention...

" I am at a stage of my career where I want to be part of a scale-up business and leverage my experiences to help it grow to the next level. 

"Robin Radar stood out with its clear purpose to address the real safety and security concerns that drones and birds present. 

"The solutions are unique and mature, and also rapidly evolving through an agile R&D team."

Having lived and worked in Asia Pacific, North America, and EMEA, Marcel is looking forward to being part of a culturally diverse team.

" I'm really excited to have the opportunity to coach a culturally diverse and talented team - it's actually what inspires and motivates me the most. 

"Stretching into new, unknown territories is fun for me, and it's really special when I get to see my team grow their potential even further. " 

Having spent a few weeks as a Robin, we asked him to describe his landing in three words... 

"Right away, I felt a good click with the leadership team. From the first instance, they seemed driven, focused on results and fun to work with. 

"That first impression has certainly been confirmed during my first bit of time as a Robin. So here goes:

Welcoming - The entire team has done a magnificent job of making me feel at home from the moment I walked in. I'm told we often get this feedback from new starters - I think that speaks volumes about the culture here. 

Action - The company is an inviting one, but it certainly doesn't drag its feet! Within weeks I’ve already met numerous customers and partners, immersing myself in busy day-to-day activities. 

Fun - Robin is growing fast with many new team members from all walks of life. Everyone clearly enjoys being part of the mission and has a lot of fun along the way.

There's even a department dedicated to fun! Not many people can boast that about their workplace, can they?"