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As the aviation industry prepares for the Covid-19 aftermath, technology companies Robin and Scarecrow have joined forces to forge a brand-new offering to bird control at airports.

The two companies believe that more innovative tools are needed, now more than ever, to combat the rising challenges of bird control and wildlife management at airports and airfields. They have combined strengths to offer comprehensive detection, logging and dispersal to the aviation market, with the acquisition completed June 9th.

CEO of Robin Radar Systems, Siete Hamminga, says that a shift towards more proactive wildlife management has always been on the cards, and in fact all major airports will have advanced detection and dispersal technologies installed in the future.

Robin and Scarecrow entered into discussions last year when it was discovered that mutual customers commonly worked with two tablets alongside one another, for the most effective detection, logging, and dispersal of birds at airports. Marrying capabilities of advanced avian radar with bio-acoustic expertise.

The synergies between the two technology-providers mean that bird controllers can keenly focus their policies, plans and actions to be as effective as possible when evaluating and addressing activity at their site.