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Will we see you at the CWW Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife Impacts in Stirling, Scotland?

It’s being held on 27th to 30th August at the University of Stirling. 

We'll be there to assist you with strategies and solutions for reducing the environmental impact of wind farms on bird populations, and to learn and discuss about the upcoming challenges.

On Thursday 29th August, Jonne Kleyheeg-Hartman will be delivering a keynote on ‘Studying the flight behaviour of migrating birds with a full 3D bird radar to develop a predictive shutdown-model’ at wind farms.

Jonne is an Ecologist and Project Manager at Bureau Waardenburg which was an early adopter of Robin’s flagship 3D bird radar, MAX®

We hope to see you there!


About the CWW Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife Impacts

CWW is an event that tackles how to solve the environmental impacts of wind farms. The event also encourages researchers, developers, consultants, regulators and stakeholders that have experience of finding solutions to these environmental concerns to work together and share knowledge.