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Video Credit: Miguel Angel

A Boeing 737 from Ryanair struck a flock of seagulls while landing at Barcelona-El Prat Airport in May 2018.

Although the incident occurred last year, the video footage was just recently posted online by Miguel Angel, who regularly posts videos with aircraft at Barcelona Airport.

This video shows around 20 seagulls striking the aircraft. The gulls hit the wings and reportedly both engines ingested birds. The 737 landed safely with no reported injuries (except for the birds).

The runway was closed for one hour and you can see airport workers arriving to clean up the foreign object debris (FOD) leftover from the incident.

After inspection and cleaning, the Ryanair flight was reportedly able to leave the airport again.

Luckily the bird strikes occurred just before touchdown with the aircraft engines likely in idle. An incident like this during takeoff, with engines on full thrust, could have been much worse.