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Company Structure

Leading the Way

Our experienced Management Team is leading the way for a staff of 100+ people of 18 different nationalities.

Five years ago, Robin had a staff of less than twenty employees. Today, we’re one of the fastest-growing high-tech companies in the Netherlands and have received multiple recognitions and awards. In 2021, we acquired Scarecrow Group, adding world-class logging software and nature-inspired bird dispersal products to our portfolio.

The heart of Robin Radar Systems is and will always be formed by its R&D department. Robin operates an in-house production facility and provides dedicated services for customers around the globe. 


Independent With Strong Backing


Robin Radar Systems is an independent company with strong backing from financial investors such as the Mainport Innovation Fund and Inkef Capital.


Company Values

We Make Hard Work Fun

At Robin, we believe that culture eats strategy for breakfast. We’re results-driven, but we care just as much about how we achieve our goals. We want to be an example company, an inspiration to others. To balance technology leadership with providing a Great Place to Work®, while being profitable.

We want to honour our Dutch heritage and values of openness and a flat organisational structure; while attracting a diverse and inclusive talent pool. So yes, our employees enjoy working for us. That matters to us, not just because life is short, but because it creates successful companies and is essential in attracting the best talent. 


 Trust, Transparency, Responsibility


At Robin, we believe in responsibility and self-managing professionals. We have as few rules as possible (although we adhere to the most stringent safety and industry standards and are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified), and our core values - trust, transparency and responsibility - resonate in everything we do.

Trust: we help and trust each other. We can be who we really are. We aim to create an open environment in which it is safe to be vulnerable. Where feedback is given and received without collateral damage.

Transparency: we value openness and honesty. If we don‘t know the answer, we’re not afraid to admit it. Be real. We’re open about where we stand and where we want to go. We have fun together, but we don’t play games with each other

Responsibility: we get freedom and we take responsibility. Making mistakes is part of what we do. We learn not to make the same mistake twice, or three times. There’s no need to question each other’s intentions. When things go wrong, we don’t focus on “who’s to blame?” but on finding a solution. Together. We show ownership and commitment.


Technology Leadership


Robin Radar Systems is the front-runner in the field of radar detection, tracking, and classification of small airborne targets. Many of our technologies are patented. And although we’re proud of our leading position, we don’t take it for granted. 




Listed in the top three most innovative Dutch companies, we continue to research, develop, manufacture, and above all, innovate. Every day. Because preventing birds from striking aircraft is an ongoing challenge, as is protecting airports and critical infrastructure from drone intrusions and mitigating bird mortality at wind farms. But mostly because only by being truly innovative we can deliver a continuous flow of cutting-edge new capabilities to customers. 


Our Customer Base

Global Presence

At Robin, we are pleased to achieve global leadership in the tracking and classification of small objects. By focusing on customer success, we turn customers into lifelong ambassadors.

Our bird radars are installed at numerous civil and military airports around the globe, including Amsterdam Schiphol, Frankfurt, Bilbao, Berlin and Copenhagen. There we monitor birds all around the airport to prevent bird strikes on approaching and departing aircraft. Our bird radars protect military air stations too, including Royal Air Force (RAF) and all Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) bases. We also protect birds and help reduce bird mortality caused by wind turbines with our avian radars at wind farms globally.

Our counter-drone radars are regularly used for military air defence, police, security, VIP protection, prisons, airports and airbases, sporting events, and critical infrastructure sites like oil and gas refineries and pipelines, and have also been permanently deployed at military and civil airports. Our radars are chosen by system integrators across the globe to combine with other sensors and provide total solutions to end customers in the defence and security markets.


Trusted Partners


Partnerships have been established with industry-leading defence & security companies such as Thales (France), Diehl Defence and ESG (Germany), Saab (Sweden), TRD (Singapore), Highbase (Malaysia) and Moog (USA). 

For on-and offshore wind farm projects, we have formed partnerships with energy suppliers, research agencies, and government institutions all around the world, including Equinor, Rijkswaterstaat, Eneco, DHI, 3Bird and Waardenburg Ecology. 


Satisfied Users


Robin’s installed base of radars is over 200 and counting. Our fast-growing customer portfolio and high year-on-year customer satisfaction score (NPS: 70% of our customers give a 9 or 10 out of 10) are proof of our sustainable added value.