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Put Actionable Information On Your Radar 


Protect Your Military Assets From Bird Strikes and Drone Threats

At military air bases, protecting assets and operations from the growing threat of bird strikes is no easy challenge. Fighter-jets fly fast, low, and perform tens of cycles of activity; that makes them particularly vulnerable to birds.

Then there are drones. A growing and elusive threat that can strike without warning, and with detrimental consequences.

With both challenges developing rapidly, ensuring aircraft and assets remain mission-ready is becoming an increasingly tough demand.

IRIS® and ELVIRA®, our purpose-built drone detection radars, and our flagship avian radar MAX® are all specifically designed to meet that demand. How? By giving unprecedented awareness of what's happening in your airspace. Learn more about the benefits of these accurate, affordable, and flexible radar systems in our brochure.

You’ll discover:

  • The unique capabilities of our radars
  • The advantages of using radar over other detection methods
  • Full system specifications

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