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IRIS® combines smart software, with affordable radar, and is built explicitly for drone detection and tracking. With 360-degrees azimuth coverage and a huge elevation coverage of 60-degrees, IRIS® provides you with early warning of approaching drones, in all directions, giving you precious time to react. And the high elevation coverage means you don’t have to worry about drones coming in over the top of your radar.


Height information is particularly important for cueing cameras and other sensors and weapon systems.

That’s why IRIS®  tracks drones in full 3D, providing accurate height information for quick and smooth detection and mitigation of rogue drones.

When the stakes are high, every second counts. You need pinpoint accurate and direct tracking for quick interventions.



Size does matter. Today’s drone threat calls for small and lightweight drone radars AND excellent detection range and coverage. Most radars do one or the other. With IRIS®, we refused to make that compromise.

A small and lightweight form factor, with best in class detection range and full coverage; you can take IRIS® with you, and easily deploy and redeploy as you need.



IRIS’s micro-Doppler capability provides the necessary confirmation that a target has rotor blades.

It’s also what allows IRIS® to detect hovering drones, and to distinguish drones from other moving objects, like birds, avoiding false alarms.


Drones can be pre-programmed for autonomous flight with no operator and can approach in swarms. Any drone detection system needs to be capable of detecting multiple targets simultaneously. IRIS® can detect and track hundreds of drones at the same time.



IRIS® comes as a complete 3D radar system including back to back radar antennas, processing station and user interface, breakout box and interconnecting power and network cables. The processing station and user interface is available as a laptop or 19” rack server.

  • Radar Antenna

  • Processing Station / User Interface

  • Breakout Box

  • Cables (Interconnector, power, network)

  • User Manual

  • Certificates

IRIS® comes with an easy to use quick-mount tripod. It can also be deployed on a mast.


Small and lightweight; IRIS® is very easy to deploy. And you can integrate IRIS’s tracks and alarms as a layer in your own existing security systems and Command and Control (C2) systems.

A simple XML broadcast-based interface, as well as ASTERIX and SAPIENT protocols are included with IRIS® as standard.


Live Launch

IRIS® Datasheet

Drone Viewer

IRIS® Specifications

Technology FMCW
Frequency X-Band
Power Output 2x 12W
Rotation / Scan Speed 30rpm / 1.0s
Instrumented Range 5km
Azimuth Coverage 360-degrees
Elevation Coverage 60-degrees
Dimensions 554mm diameter x 623mm height
Weight 29kg



  • MIL-STD-810H
  • npsa-transparent (5
  • sapient-logo-2-Jul-26-2023-01-27-57-1729-PM
“IRIS® can detect and classify drones swiftly and smoothly. It’s very easy to use. Moving targets, static targets, even multiple targets; they’re all detected and classified.” MARIJN VERBAANT, MIN-DEF C-UAS EXPERT
“A 3D radar is really important in counter-UAS. It shows us exactly where the drone is, telling our other systems and sensors where to focus, too. That really speeds up the decision-making process, and time is key.” LIEUTENANT COLONEL ROB OLTHOFF, HEAD OF JOINT NUCLEUS COUNTER UAS