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Strengthen security across your premises

Government buildings, police, homeland security, critical infrastructure, and prisons are all susceptible to UAS and drone threats. As the popularity of these UAS technologies grows, so does the inherent risk of malicious activity.

In prisons and government premises, this threat is known all too well. Criminals benefit from easy-to-use and agile drones, especially to smuggle drugs and other contraband into prisons or espionage at government premises. In response, security teams must strengthen their resilience.

At Robin Radar, we know that quick and efficient drone detection and classification are pivotal. These capabilities support your security teams to stay one step ahead of drone threats and proactively mitigate the impact of drones if an incident were to occur.

Our solutions are built explicitly for drone detection and tracking. They provide early warning of incoming drones with wide area, 360°, high-elevation coverage. This gives you  full situational awareness, so you can react in real time and take steps to mitigate the drone threat.



Real-time position and track in 2D
4W average power output
1.3s track update rate
5km instrumented range




Real-time position and track in 3D
2x 12W power output
1.0s track update rate
5km instrumented range


Remain resilient to growing drone risks

Quickly detect and respond to unauthorised drones

Critical government premises have heightened security requirements, which is why our counter-UAS radar has a detection range of up to 4km.

Of course, we understand that detection range alone isn't enough. Our technology provides accurate and reliable detection even in low-visibility, harsh environments to ensure that no potential threat is missed. Our purpose-built drone detection radar is capable of distinguishing drones from other moving objects, like birds, enabling you to avoid false alarms. Additionally, it detects multiple targets simultaneously – a critical capability to identify drone swarms.

You can control our solutions using a map-based interface compromised of color-coded tracks. Each track represents a stationary or moving target, enabling greater visibility.

Built-in micro-Doppler radar technology provides you with even more context. It confirms a target by the rotation of its rotor blades, and even allows for differentiation of various types of drones – including autonomous drones. This enables your teams to react and respond quickly and appropriately.

Our experienced team will work with you to provide a counter-drone solution for your exact needs, addressing your unique requirements and assisting you with integration across the various systems and technologies you already use.

Highly compatible with your existing systems

Easy to deploy, integrate, and use

You need reliable drone detection to protect government facilities and critical infrastructure. That's why we designed our systems for fast and easy deployment.

We’ve created our bespoke technology to become the preferred primary radar within your ‘system of systems’. Its out-of-the-box capabilities come pre-prepared for integration with your existing system or 3rd party security equipment, in addition to command and control (C2) systems via an API.

Additionally, our solutions support intuitive camera integration with a wide variety of third party systems. This enables you to obtain a visual picture of a target, enhancing context and situational awareness.

To complement your deployment, our teams are always on hand to provide additional support and expertise to streamline the process.

“IRIS® can detect and classify drones swiftly and smoothly. It’s very easy to use. Moving targets, static targets, even multiple targets; they’re all detected and classified.”


“More than two years of experience with the ELVIRA® drone detection radar gives us the ability to locate drones quickly and easily. We are convinced that radar units are a necessary part of all critical infrastructure, and the demand will only continue to grow.”


“A 3D radar is really important in counter-UAS. It shows us exactly where the drone is, telling our other systems and sensors where to focus, too. That really speeds up the decision-making process, and time is key.”


Advanced government drone detection solutions

Easily deploy market-leading drone detection systems across your premises

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