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Avoid downtime and keep your aircraft airworthy

Military aircraft are at even greater risk of bird strikes than civil aircraft. Fighter jets fly fast, low, and perform tens of cycles in short flurries of activity – including touch-and-goes, training circuits, and quick reaction alerts (QRAs).

90% of bird strikes occur at low altitudes where most of this activity takes place. And, as fighter jets are often single-engine, a bird strike could spell disaster.

Our range of counter UAS and avian radars gives you full situational awareness, so you can:

  • Track the exact flight paths of flocks and individual birds up to 10 kilometres and drones up to 3km in real-time.
  • Automatically detect and log hundreds of birds and drone swarms simultaneously (including size, speed, direction, and flight path).
  • Monitor threats around your air base 24/7, so you have the information you need to mitigate bird strikes, spot drones, and reduce operational downtime.

And unlike human observers, our counter UAS radars work tirelessly in any conditions – day or night.



X-Band 9650MHz
Real-time position and track in full 3D – in all directions all of the time
20W average power output
1.0s track update rate
15km instrumented range




Real-time position and track in 2D
360-degree coverage
4W power output
1.3s track update rate
5km instrumented range




Real-time position and track in 3D
360-degree coverage
2x 12W power output
1.0s track update rate
5km instrumented range


Super Fast Response Times

Experience full situational awareness across your air base

Ground teams need full situational awareness to respond effectively to airborne threats. Our counter UAS and avian radars deliver real-time tracking data straight to your control vehicles and automatically warn your team if high-risk birds or drones approach a critical zone.

Critical zones are fully customisable and easy to modify, so you can work with your relevant aviation authorities to safeguard your military assets.

Want to make the most effective use of your ground teams? Our Mobile Viewer displays an activity grid that shows you recent hot spots of UAS and bird activity, ensuring your teams are always where the action is.

Quantify patterns in behaviour

Review the past to predict the future

Avian radar never sleeps. Our systems continuously recall, replay, and analyse data, allowing you to quantify patterns in behaviour. Think migration routes, seasonal occurrence, and weather conditions.

The longer you operate our radars, the more useful your data is.

  • Measure the effectiveness of your counter UAS and avian mitigation policies.
  • Visualise objective data to raise awareness amongst stakeholders.
  • Identify key areas around your air base for bird breeding, feeding, roosting, and wintering activity.
  • Create quantified data to inform habitat management discussions with stakeholders.

Based on Real Risk

Unlock next generation KPIs

From near misses to flock density and runway crossings our counter UAS and avian radars gives you access to powerful real-time data.

Go beyond simply monitoring UAS activity and bird strikes, to next-generation KPIs based on real risk. With custom reporting and viewing, you can choose which KPIs you want to report on and which timeframes you prefer to use.

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