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3D Flex

If you need a more flexible radar, which can be configured for 3D tracking in any desired direction, 3D Flex is the radar for you.

ROBIN's 3D Flex system consists of a horizontal S-band radar, combined with a flexible Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar. The horizontal S-band radar identifies the presence and number of birds in time – including their location, height, direction, speed and route – up to 10 kilometres away, all around, day and night.

The FMCW radar has three modes:

  • 'Scanning' mode, by which 3D information is retrieved for all desired directions.
  • 'Staring' mode, in which the radar points in one direction to identify targets up to 6 km away.

  • 'Automatic Acquisition' mode, where the vertical X-Band radar slews in azimuth to the cue of the horizontal S-Band radar, based on the objects with highest RCS. In this way much of the bird tracks (in all directions) will be assigned elevation data.

The ROBIN 3D Flex offers a lot of functionality, including measuring the wing beat pattern and frequency of a single target. It provides valuable input for distinction between species.

This configuration is used both in civil aviation for wildlife management and in bird strike prevention at airports, as well as for monitoring birds in offshore wind farms and for field research. 

3D Flex Specifications

  Horizontal Antenna Vertical Antenna
Technology Pulse FMCW
Frequency S-Band X-Band
Power Output 60kW 4W
Rotation / Scan Speed 45rpm / 1.3s 20rpm / 3s
Instrumented Range 10km 6km
Azimuth Coverage 360-degrees 20-degrees
Elevation Coverage 12.5-degrees 360-degrees
Antenna Dimensions (WxDxH) 3765 x 575 x 710 mm 2550 x 663 x 375 mm
Upmast Weight 133kg 78kg