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Want to avoid bird strikes on a small budget? Then our affordable 2D Lite avian radar is the solution for you.

2D Lite is an entry model radar offering attractive pricing with basic performance for regional airports and small wind farms. The horizontal S-Band antenna has a peak power output of 30kW, good for a maximum range of 8km. 

It detects and tracks birds, including their location, direction, speed and route, 360 degrees around, day and night. As an additional option, you can extend the functionality of the 2D Lite radar to include runway incursion warnings.

2D Lite Specifications

Technology Pulse
Frequency S-Band
Power Output 30kW
Rotation/Scan Speed 45rpm / 1.3s
Instrumented Range 8km
Azimuth Coverage 360-degrees
Elevation Coverage 12.5-degrees
Upmast Dimensions (WxDxH) 3765 x 575 x 710 mm
Upmast Weight 133kg