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Siete Hamminga


Tanja - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_065 (1)

Tanja Classen



Marcel Verdonk


Bernard - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_066 (1)

Bernard Koeleman


Sanne - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_052

Sanne Patijn

Director Operations

Gerben P - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_067 (1)

Gerben Pakkert

Director R&D

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Bill Haraka

VP Defence & Security

Sibylle - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_049

Sibylle Giraud

VP Wind and Environmental Practice

Alex - RobinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_037

Alex Coccia

Project Manager

PNG image 11

Anja Hünerberg

Account Manager - Defence & Security

Asraf - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_057

Asraf Brand

System Tester

PNG image 9

Astrid van den Boogaardt

Offline Marketing & Events Coordinator


Bart Portegijs

Data Scientist


Bas van Westing

Electronic Mechanic

medium (1)

Bob Moll

Business Development Manager - Defence & Security

Untitled (402 x 604 px) (1)

Cathal Prendergast

Digital Marketing Manager

PNG image 8

Chiel de Haan

Finance Manager

Dennis - RobinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_036 2

Dennis Hoveling

Validation Engineer

PNG image 7

Erik Noort

R&D Engineer

Untitled (402 x 604 px) (1)

Floor Nienhuis



Frans Joseph Rouppe van der Voort

Head of Quality


Gerben Quist

Service & Support Mechanic


Godard Kooijman

Supply Chain Analyst

Hani - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_044

Hani Haifawi

R&D Employee

Untitled (402 x 604 px) (1)

Iveta Krskova

Data Analyst


Jade Bennemeer

Head of HR & Office


Jasper Zwart

Frontend Developer

Jelle B - RobinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_024

Jelle Bout

System Developer

Jelle M - RobinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_014

Jelle Mondeel

Accounts Receivable


Joeri Boersen

Project Engineer

Untitled (402 x 604 px) (1)

Johan du Plessis

Service Mechanic


John Bremner

Head of Marketing

PNG image 10

Jurjen Westra

Software Architect

Untitled (402 x 604 px) (1)

Kate Sastrokarijo

HR Officer


Kirollos Awad

Software Developer

Louwrens - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_051

Louwrens Prins

Software Developer

Manuel - RobinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_039

Manuel Renaud

Electronic Mechanic

Marc - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_056

Marc Lagerweij

Head of R&D Software

Marcel - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_048

Marcel Caspers

Service & Support Engineer

Marco - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_046

Marco Baaima

Electronic Mechanic

Marta - RobinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_038

Marta Buenaventura Camps

System Developer

Maurits - RobinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_040

Maurits Schaap

Project Engineer


Meije Kentson

Project Manager


Michiel Bruins

Accounts Payable

PNG image 6

Michiel de Leeuw

Product Manager

Natalija - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_061 (1)

Natālija Ivanova

Account Manager - Defence & Security


Nicholas Kallechy

Service & Support Engineer

Niels - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_043

Niels Voorn

IT Product Engineer

Niko - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_054

Niko Koukourigkos

Project Engineer

Okke - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_059

Okke van Elsen

Tender Specialist

Patrick - RobinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_017

Patrick Van Gogh

Supply Chain Operator

Ralph - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_053

Ralph Wiersema

Technical Sales Engineer

Remco - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_055

Remco Kabos

Project Manager


Rene Korevaar

Head of Service & Support

Untitled (402 x 604 px) (1)

René Noort

Software Test Engineer

Rene S - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_060 (1)

Rene Somer

Product Manager

Rick - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_041

Rick de Ronde

Business Development Manager - Military Aviation

Rob - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_060

Rob van der Meer

System Architect


Roelof Hoekstra

System Engineer


Ruben Mook

Technical Writer

Silvester - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_060

Silvester Heijnen

Radar Specialist

Stacey - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_060

Stacey Dagron Hass

Head of Finance

PNG image 5

Stef Kuipers

Project Manager

Untitled (402 x 604 px) (1)

Stefan Fluit

IT Engineer

Thea - RobinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_008

Thea Rubis

Project Manager

PNG image 4

Thijs Oudkerk

Technical Sales Specialist

Tim - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_058

Tim Vermeulen

Head of Production


Vitor Pinheiro

Software Specialist

Wendeline - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_042

Wendeline de Cuba

Office Manager

Wesley - RobinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_005

Wesley Halbe

Electrical & CAD Engineer

Wijnand - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_062 (1)

Wijnand Koningstein

Head of Supply Chain


Wouter Keijer

System Specialist

Wybe - robinRadarSystems_BorisCremersFotografie_047

Wybe Roodhuyzen

Service Support Engineer