• ROBIN incorporates more than 20 years of scientific research into their purpose built avian radars. The systems are designed to operate entirely remote, either from the field using a ruggedized laptop, convenient from your office or in the air traffic control tower. The data is processed in real time enabling immediate action if needed but is also tagged and logged for identifying patterns over a longer period of time. The systems offer both transparency and flexibility on how they work. Users can define their own settings and are supported by trainings, a helpdesk and their personal account manager.

    ROBIN offers six main systems:

    • 2D Mobile – a van-mounted system that enables you to gather flight information at temporary sites
    • 3D Fixed – this combines a horizontal S-band radar with a vertical X-band radar to detect bird movements up to 10 km away in a fixed 5 km vertical area
    • 3D Flex – this combines a horizontal S-band radar with a flexible Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar to provide three operation modes, including one that provides an all-round 3D view. The 3D Flex configuration is able to measure wingbeat patterns as one of the parameters that helps distinguish between species. This system can also be provided on a trailer for flexibility of location.
    • ELVIRA®” is Robin Radar System’s purpose built Drone Detection Radar.
    • MAX - One sensor. Full 3D coverage and tracks.
    • Military XL – this integrates with existing air force long-range surveillance radars. In contrast to the other configurations, which monitor local movements around the runway, this configuration is used en route to assess bird strike risk one hundred kilometers away, or more.