• On September 14th, Robin Radar launched a new bird radar. It took more than four years, thousands of coffees and millions of euro’s to get there. The result is mind blowing. We simply had no other choice, …then to call it Max®

    3D bird tracks. One sensor.

    Unprecedented tracking
    Max® has the fastest rotation speed in the market, resulting in track updates every second. This allows for unprecedented 3D visualisation of flightpaths by exporting tracks into google earth.

    Full 3D coverage
    Max® is a single sensor system, providing full 3D information of all avian targets around. All birds have height information and there is no ‘cone of silence’ above the radar. The system provides 360-degree coverage from the horizon to 1 kilometre above.

    Unique technology
    Max® is entirely purpose built to monitor birds. The antennas are specifically designed to do so. It brings military Phased Array radar into the hands of bird control units and ornithologists.

    Simple infrastructure
    Max® minimizes infrastructure requirements. The computer servers can be placed in already existing server rooms, anywhere on earth. So at the location of the radar, no shelter or housing is required. All Max® needs is normal power and internet.

    Flexible design
    The transmitting frequency of Max® is made tuneable. This provides flexibility in getting frequency permits and preventing interference with other systems. Further, the beam can be configured digitally in the field to provide optimal coverage in challenging surroundings.

    Visualisation on the spot
    Bird movements are displayed in real time on a PC or mobile device. Max works on commercial tablets based on IOS as well as Android.

    Graphics in a click.
    Developing new hardware isn’t the only thing we’ve done. Our customers often need to convert bird data into reports. So we have developed an entire new tool to make appealing graphics in a user friendly way. Just select the variables and time period you want, and the tool will immediately generate a graphical representation.

  • Specifications

    Technology: Fully solid-state, active electronically scanning phased array antenna
    Frequency: X-Band FMCW, tuneable range: 9550 - 9750 Mhz
    Average power: 20 W / 43 dBm
    Rotation rate: 60 RPM
    Instrumented range: 15 km
    Detection capability:  Small-aircraft (1 m² / 0 dBm²): 15 km range, up to 2 km altitude
       Small goose/duck (1 SAT / 0.025 m² / -16 dBm²): 10 km range, up to 1 km altitude
       Songbird (0.003 m² / -25 dBm²): 6 km, up to 1 km altitude
    Elevation accuracy: 0.25°
    Bearing accuracy: 0.18°
    Altitude accuracy: 5 m at 1 km range, 45 m at 10 km range
    Position accuracy: 5 m at 1 km range, 50 m at 10 km range
    Size (W x D x H): 1237 x 699 x 1980mm
    Weight: 280kg
    Power consumption: 700W nominal, 2750W peak