• Unlimited coverage
    Elvira® covers a full 360 degrees view. It detects larger fixed wing targets at a range of nine kilometres, and smaller multi-rotor drones detected at up to three kilometres. However, completely securing an area, requires more than just range detection. It requires flexibility and reliability. Elvira® provides unlimited coverage through its ability to combine multiple radar devices into an integrated sensor network. The output from multiple sensors is incorporated into one unambiguous picture.

    Unprecedented tracking capabilities
    Elvira® has the unique capability to combine advanced Doppler processing with an update rate of once per second. This results in unprecedented capabilities of tracking even the most agile drones.

    Advanced detection & classification…in one sensor
    Classification is the capability to differentiate between drones and birds or other moving objects. This is a critical feature to prevent false positives. To do so, Robin Radar Systems combines multiple variables in real time, including advanced Doppler techniques.

    Where other systems may require a combination of multiple sensors to go from detection to classification of targets, Elvira® combines detection and classification in just one sensor. This capability saves precious time in the decision process.